Looking after our pets

Read this story about Popcorn the guinea pig… or ask an adult to read it to you.

Looking After Our Pets
Barney loves his new pet guinea pig Popcorn. Gabby and Barney take turns cuddling Popcorn and feeding her treats.

Looking After Our Pets

Gabby was going to Barney’s house after school and was excited to see his new pet. After a trip to the pet shop he was now the proud owner of a ginger guinea pig called Popcorn. What do you think is a good name for a pet?

“How’s Popcorn settling in?” said Gabby. “She’s doing well,” said Barney. “She’s getting tamer now and likes me to stroke behind her ears and tickle her under her chin.” Once they got to Barney’s house the pair rushed out into the garden where Popcorn was munching grass in her run on the lawn. “Does she live outside all the time?” asked Gabby. “No,” said Barney. “I put her outside during the day so she can run around and eat the grass but when it’s night, cold or raining she stays inside her hutch, which is in the shed.” Barney picked Popcorn out and he and Gabby took turns cuddling her and feeding her dandelion leaves—her favourite treat! “What else do you have to do to look after Popcorn?” asked Gabby. “Lots of things!” answered Barney. “I have to feed her and make sure she has clean water. I have to clean out her hutch and brush her fur and lots more.”

How do people look after their pets?

Popcorn the guinea pig

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