Our favourite toys

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Our Favourite Toys
Gabby’s favourite teddy is called Honey Bear. She’s had Honey Bear since she was a baby and she goes everywhere with her.

Our Favourite Toys

Gabby had a favourite teddy called Honey Bear. Do you have a favourite cuddly toy?

Gabby had had Honey Bear since she was a baby. She took Honey Bear everywhere with her. One day she took Honey Bear to the park. She played with her on the swing, on the roundabout and on all the different play equipment. When she was thirsty Honey Bear sat with Gabby on the bench while she had a drink. After this Gabby saw her friend Anni from school and ran off to play with her. When it was time to go home she suddenly realised that she didn’t have Honey Bear. “Where’s Honey Bear?” she shouted. Everyone started looking. “Where did you put her?” asked her friend Anni. “I can’t remember,” sobbed Gabby frantically running here and there looking. Her mum could see Gabby was upset. Have you ever lost your favourite toy?

Gabby was so miserable. “Where can she be?” she asked. “Well,” said her mum. “I think we all need to investigate Honey Bear’s disappearance.” Of course once everyone started looking properly it wasn’t long before Honey Bear was found, Gabby was happy and their investigation was over.

Honey Bear

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